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About the Swiss job market

Under this link you will find the actual situation (July 2022) of the Swiss job market in general from the Adecco group. Interesting read how the market recovers after the Covid crisis.

How to answer interview questions

This guide helped me get inspired when I prepared for the interviews how to best answer the most common questions. The Muse is also a very good general resource with tips and tricks for job hunters.

Meet your future employer

During my job search journey a Lady from my network suggested this startup that helps candidates meet their future employer over a lunch type informal discussion. I met the founder as part of one of the career lunch events and I really liked the company’s mission. The startup offers career lunch discussions not only for graduate students, but also experienced professionals, depending on the needs of their partner companies.

I keep adding resources and ideas here to help you refine your job search strategy and learn about the Swiss job market.



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